15 Watt Tube Amplifier

Best 15 Watt Tube Amp

The more you invest in your passions, the more serious you get about it. Let’s say you’ve bought a guitar and put in the hours to build a good future. Now – can you guess what would be your next best investment? The answer? That’s right – a guitar amp – it lets you hear … Read More

Bass Combo Amp For Small Gigs

Best Bass Combo Amp For Small Gigs

Whether you are an aspiring musician or you enjoy throwing karaoke parties every once in a while, finding the best bass combo amp for small gigs can be challenging. Some units are more expensive than others, while features are often overwhelming. What is the best choice then and what makes it so special? Long story … Read More

fixed bridge guitar for metal

Best Fixed Bridge Guitar For Metal

To some people, pointy shapes and a good amp are everything to play metal music. To others, a floating bridge guitar can make a difference. The truth is there are specific guitars that can enhance this experience – just like for any kind of music genre. When interested in a guitar for metal, you better … Read More

Solid State Amp For Blues

Best Solid State Amp For Blues

Shocked by the price of your dream tube amps? Think you won’t ever get to experience the excellent tone of the tube amps when playing your blues? Let’s start looking on the bright side here, shall we? Even the expensive tube amps can disappoint and currently, solid-state amps simply delight you with their new improved … Read More

Solid State Amp For Metal

Best Solid State Amp For Metal

Ever wonder why everybody is always specifically looking for tube amps? Why not solid-state amp? If you’ve been around enough and asked the question, then you know the answer too – tube amps have a sound quality that solid amps can’t meet. That said, that’s a case of the past; you’re breathing in the twenty-first … Read More

Small Bass Amp

Best Small Bass Amp For Gigging

Tired of lugging that 4-speaker cabinet for your bass around? Or you‘re buying your first rig? It’s good to have a simple, sturdy, and portable amp. Whether for everyday practice, busking, or jamming, that’s a serious boost for any musician. Easy to move around, with simple knob settings at your fingertips – that’s all you … Read More