Best Solid State Amp For Metal

Ever wonder why everybody is always specifically looking for tube amps? Why not solid-state amp?

If you’ve been around enough and asked the question, then you know the answer too – tube amps have a sound quality that solid amps can’t meet.

That said, that’s a case of the past; you’re breathing in the twenty-first century with all its modern innovations and modifications – solid-state amps aren’t as unsatisfactory as before.

In fact, some are far better than tube amps and even more affordable. If you’re looking for the best solid-state amp for metal, you’re in for a pretty great ride.

Top 5 Best Solid State Amps For Metal

1. Marshall MG100HCFX MG Series

For the best possible choice, we have chosen the Marshall MG100HCFX. You can trust the quality due to the renowned Marshall brand. Further, it comes with a pretty good number of effects, channels, and features. Even better, it’s super affordable.

When you’re playing metal, you want power – and this Marshall Guitar amp provides you just that. You and your gang can now bang their heads together while enjoying this. This amp is everything metal lovers want.

Despite being a solid-state amp – it’s designed to not lag behind tube amps in tone. Further, it provides you with a good number of effects, even digital ones like chorus, flanger, and so forth. In fact, the distortion that matters most when playing metal on this model is unbeatable.

The one hundred watt power doesn’t always do justice to the sound – you may find the sound a bit thin at louder volumes. What’s more, it comes with four programmable channels – what more could you ask for? It contains a headphone jack and an MP3 input.

At the given price, it is sure to satisfy you.


  • Great distortion
  • Several effects to choose from
  • Pretty high power
  • A good number of inputs and outputs
  • Great number of channels
  • Great tone
  • Good value for the price


  • Not the best sound at louder volumes.

2. Fender Mustang GT 40

Fender Mustang GT 40

Want to experience the future right now? If so, you need this Fender Mustang GT 40 amp. This amp lets you connect to the WiFi and also has Bluetooth features. Through this connectivity, you can solve a ton of issues with this amp.

Further, if you were originally looking for a tube amp, you won’t be disappointed. This amp has a great tone, is pretty loud, and has a number of good effects as well. It’s great for metal and in small practice sessions. It doesn’t have ample power to take on a stage though.

The controls are easy but not the most user-friendly. For example, you won’t know where the volume control is. Plus, you’ll have to update the unit pretty frequently to get through various issues. Technology has its cons, otherwise, it’s a very durable unit, although not the cheapest.


  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Updates fix a lot of issues
  • Great tone quality
  • Good sound
  • Effects that suit the metal genre
  • Good value for money
  • Good quality builds as expected from Fender


  • Not the most transparent and user-friendly

3. Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier

CRUSH12-12-Watt Guitar Amp Combo

Do you simply want to practice in the comfort of your home without bothering your neighbors? If yes, this Orange Amp might just be your thing. You don’t have to spend extra to have features and power that you don’t even need.

Even at 12 watts, this amp is loud enough so you don’t have to resort to the highest volume. Further, despite being a solid-state amp, it has a great sounding tone. The effects are great for the metal genre too – the distortion is certain to impress you.

The unit is well built and looks great. Contains one channel, if you’re okay with that. However, the outputs and inputs may cause some buzzing sound. Overall, it offers good value for the money.


  • Affordable, with cost-effective power
  • Loud enough for home practice
  • Great tone
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good quality build
  • Easy to control


  • Very few features.
  • May have a buzzing sound.

4. Peavey Bandit 112

Peavey is a well-known brand in the amp industry due to their attention to detail. It can create a tone very similar to the tube amp tone – but without the tubes. So, as a solid-state amp providing the best tone for metal –the Bandit 112 should be on your list.

With all its effects and features, you can play almost any genre beautifully – and that includes metal. However, it may not sound the best – because it doesn’t focus on one genre to provide the best. But, it’s a versatile unit and you can use it to switch between genres.

The unit quality is super reliable. Further, it doesn’t break your bank as well. So, why not give it a try?


  • A powerful, loud amp
  • It creates great tones
  • Good sound quality and volume
  • Versatile in nature
  • Easy to move around
  • It requires low maintenance
  • Pretty affordable


  • Not the best in terms of tones

5. Randall RG1003 RG Series

Randall RG1003 RG Series Amplifier Head

You must pay attention to a number of different things to get the right tone for this. Randall did exactly that with RG1003. The unit is designed to make all the sounds sound amazing.

While the sound quality and tone are great – they’re not the best. You may find it a bit muffled. However, the price it comes for – you’ll be satisfied with the sound. Further, the build quality is quite great as well.

One last thing – whether you like the tone or not depends on how you play and many people really love it. With other things like the number of effects- three channels, etc being perfect, the matter of tone is pretty subjective.


  • It offers great value for the price
  • Good tone for a solid-state although it is a subjective matter
  • Good quality build
  • Looks great and sounds loud


  • Not everyone likes the tone.

Buyer’s Guide

There are some basic things you’ve to consider when you are buying an amp. Then again, when you’re looking at a solid amp that you will use to play metal, you have to put your attention on a few factors even harder.

Solid State Amp For Metal


Do you know the greatest advantage of a solid-state amp? They don’t have vacuum tubes that could go wrong any moment. You don’t have to spend energy maintaining them from time to time either. Whatever makes the amp, stays inside the amp. So if it malfunctions, you most probably will have to take it to a repair shop.

This is why you have to ensure that the exterior part of the amp is hard enough to protect the interior. Furthermore, the best quality materials should build the amp so that parts do not malfunction inside either. You have to be able to trust the quality of the amp.

Features And Effects

This is where the amp will affect the genre you play. Not all amps can pull off all effects. You’ve to make sure the amp you’re choosing is the best for the effects your metal music needs. For example, the distortion of the amp should be of the highest standards for your metal sounds to come out in the best form.

The number of channels also matters in this case.


Most people want to save space and some just want to make things look better. You will find amps in two forms. One which will have the speaker and the head in the same body and the other will have the two in separate bodies. As you can imagine, the combo is compact and easily portable. It is up to you to choose which one you want.


Where will you be playing on your guitar? If it is a large space with a large crowd then an amp with a higher power is necessary. On the other hand, home practice sessions could do with lower power amps which also cost less.

Last Words

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and use the knowledge on this page to find the best solid state amp for metal! If you’re still confused about the choices, I can bet giving this a second read would help a lot.

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