Are Mirage Speakers Discontinued?

After being bought by Klipsch, Mirage Speakers have disappeared, and the company no longer manufactures them.  In 2009, Klipsch had a significant buyout of some of the biggest brands, such as Athena and Jamo, and Mirage was also one of them.

People considered the audio system provided by mirage speakers to be one of the best quality audio systems with premium technology.

So what exactly was so great about Mirage speakers?

The best part about the Mirage Speakers was that you could use it to listen to your playlist on your phone or sync to a playlist online to enjoy unbuffered audio.

The company manufactured different versions of the mirage speakers in various sizes, including a super tiny one manufactured with the idea of being “smaller than a softball.” You could place this speaker anywhere you wanted as it was mountable on every surface.

What Happened To Mirage Speakers?

Mirage was a Canadian company that manufactured high-quality speakers, but unfortunately, in the mid-2000s, it was acquired by Klipsch.  After this new ownership, the mirage speakers were discontinued.

Who Did Klipsch Buy Mirage From?

Klipsch Group, Inc., the parent company of Klipsch Audio Technologies, finalized its buyout of mirage speakers by acquiring Audio Products International Corporation (API).  They were the company that made high-class speakers like Mirage, Athena, and energy.

Fred Klipsch, the chairman of the Klipsch Group, announced after the buyout that the group is moving towards greater business heights globally and taking a step forward with its acquisition of API.

It was announced that the design of the API products would remain independent of the Klipsch Company to continue the unique character of the products.  However, this was not to say that there will be no collaborations between the Klipsch Group and API for developing new products that will finally be coupled with the cutting-edge technology that API products like Athena and Mirage speakers used.

The board at Klipsch group stated their understanding of the uniqueness and innovations of API in the development of world-class, timeless speakers like Mirage.  This is what they wish to enhance after the company’s acquisition, bringing in more value to the products and aiming to thrive in the music and audio industry through this purchase.

What Were Mirage Speakers Known For?

Mirage speakers were always known for their fantastic quality, especially for music.  It was a tiny speaker system, but the sound was nothing short of tiny.  The super high-performance speakers became a fan favorite within a short while after their release.

Perhaps the popularity of the Mirage speakers could be attributed to the high-quality Omnipolar Technology, which gives the speakers their signature sound even when the size is deceivingly small.  Previous customers of mirage speakers praise the speakers’ sound quality, hinting at a smooth and seamless sound that’s loud enough to fill a big room.

Although the speaker sets can come in 2-4 pieces, the sound quality and the Omnipolar technology incorporated in the speakers make it sound like there’s only one speaker where the sound is coming from, unlike other multiuser speakers where the sounds are projected to you from different directions creating a break in your auditory senses.

These speakers were also quite well received by movie buffs who claimed that the sound quality was so excellent that it sounded like real humans talking when they watched movies with the speakers connected.

What Is Omnipolar Technology?

Mirage speakers were well known for using Omnipolar technology in their speakers.  This high-tech incorporation made the sound output and quality of mirage speakers top of the class.

The technology relies on the natural refractions of sound, so depending on the shape and size of the room where the speakers are placed, the sound adjusts itself to make it most pleasant to the listener.

There is a sense of realism with Omnipolar technology-powered speakers that make it create beautiful, realistic, deep, and holistic sounds that are very close to reality and thus, popular for this reason.


Customers of Mirage Speakers still speak very highly of their production.  Because the quality was very high-end, with sleek looks, the Mirage speakers greatly impacted avid listeners of audio.  Be it in music or talk form, even for collectors of music systems.  The Mirage Speakers seem to have had a lasting impact.

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