Blown Speaker Repair Cost

Speakers may blow for a series of reasons. If properly installed, there should be no reasons for such an unfortunate event to happen.

However, small faults in the electrical system can lead to drama. A little education can prevent the unnecessary blown speaker repair cost, not to mention learning how to gain as much as possible from your set.

So, what are the reasons behind this problem and what is the repair cost?

There are multiple reasons wherefore speakers may blow. There are usually two reasons – thermal failure and mechanical failure. Each of them can be prevented though.

If you fail to do so, the costs to repair a blown speaker may vary widely, based on the model you have. They can be cheap or they can cost you a fortune.

How To Tell If You Have A Blown Speaker

When you talk to a professional, a blown speaker is usually a speaker that has been catastrophically damaged. Sometimes, the speaker still works, but it sounds so bad that you do not want to turn it on. Most commonly, it does not work at all.

Generally speaking, if you somehow blow your car speaker, you will run out of sound. There is also the chance you will hear nothing but an annoying buzz.

There are more causes behind a failed speaker. It may not even be blown, hence the necessity of proper checks before deciding to replace them.

Blown Speaker

Factors That Can Blow Speakers

As a general rule of thumb, there are two causes behind blown speakers. They can be thermally or mechanically blown. If there is one way to prevent both issues, that is avoiding excessive volumes while playing music.

How do mechanical failures occur?

An internal component – the cone – moves the wrong way. It moves forward anyway, but it sometimes moves way further than it should, damaging the materials around it. Components will come loose or break, leading to permanent failure.

Thermal failures are more complicated. They occur when speakers get more power than they can handle. The heat builds up inside the speakers. The glue holding parts together will go soft, so everything will fall apart.

At the same time, too much power will also affect the wiring inside the voice coil. When the voice coil is smoked this way, the sound will go completely off – not even a hissing or buzzing noise.

In both situations, the cause is obvious – accidentally operating the equipment outside its standards.

If any of them occurs, the blown speaker repair cost will give you a good maintenance lesson.

Other Causes Than the Volume

There are more technical issues that may blow your speakers. An unprofessionally designed system will also lead to the same problem, so avoid improvising or getting things done in random services.

The same goes for physical damage, as well as amplifier clipping.

Clipping is more common in systems with amplifiers. The amp is excessively used beyond its capabilities, while the waveform tops and bottoms clip off. As a result, speakers will no longer handle the amount of power that they are advertised to.

When it comes to physical damage, it is all related to an improper installation. If the grill comes loose, fit it in right away. Cones are delicate, hence that protection.

Also, the cause may be strictly related to age too. If your speakers are 14 years old, they might fail because of normal use. It is just the cycle of life in such components.

After all, OEM speakers are not always made from top materials, especially when compared to high-end aftermarket models.

No matter what the cause is, the blown speaker repair cost is pretty much the same.

After all, your speakers are gone and will most likely need replacement.

What To Do When Speakers Blow

Did your speakers blow?

Technically speaking, a blown speaker can be repaired. It can be opened and disassembled into small parts, then the defective ones can be purchased separately and replaced.

Is it worth it? Usually, it is not.

The blown speaker repair cost is usually higher than the actual cost of a new speaker and replacement labor. There are, of course, a few exceptions too.

If you are tech-oriented and you enjoy fixing things, you can learn how to fix a blown amp and do it yourself. It can be time-consuming and frustrating though.

For example, if you have a dent on the speaker cone, such small issues can be fixed with a bit of dedication. Just be careful while you handle sensitive parts. There is a decent chance for the sound quality to be inferior once you are done, but your speaker will still work and provide a decent sound.

Plus, it is the achievement of doing it yourself and saving lots of money.

If your voice coils are blown, the blown speaker repair cost will most likely be higher.

It could be challenging to find such parts separately, so you might need to buy used speakers and take their parts off instead. You will then have lots of spare parts. Paying someone to do it can be costly though.

Most people will choose to replace the unit though.

When looking for new speakers, opt for the right type. Identify the cause behind this issue too.

If you rely on an aftermarket system, you have to make sure that all parts go together nicely. On the other hand, using a stock system is easier as you can easily replace the blown parts with direct-fit units.

Keep the volume down, avoid distortions and you should be alright.


As a short final conclusion, the blown speaker repair cost varies widely from one case to another.

Unless you like fixing things yourself, a professional service becomes your main option.

Fixing is more expensive than replacing them, so your best bet would be to buy an alternative system and pay someone to fit it in. If you like doing things yourself, your options are more diversified.​

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