What Amp Charger For iPhone 6?

One of the defining and best features of the iPhone 6 is that it has a larger battery than its predecessors do. This is fantastic as you can get a longer phone life out of every charge.

However, this also means that getting your iPhone 6 battery to a 100% can take longer than charging, say, iPhone 5.

So, does this mean that you need a charger with a higher power supply to charge? Which amp charger is best for iPhone 6?

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 6 charger.

What Amp Charger For iPhone 6?

If you’re concerned about the right amp charger for iPhone 6, the default 1-watt charger will do just fine.

Otherwise, the phone manufacturers will not have included it with the phone box.

However, if you’re wondering what amp charger for iPhone 6 is best to speed up the charging time, the answer is slightly different.

The default power adapter for iPhone 6 from the factory is 1 amp. This supplies 5 Watt of power. It takes about an hour to charge your iPhone 6 with this factory adapter.

However, if you want to charge your phone a bit more quickly, the best amp charger for iPhone 6 is the 12-watt adapter. The 12-watt adapter supplies 2.1 amps, so you can charge your iPhone 6 quicker, in about 40 minutes. 

This is because iPhone 6 is designed to draw higher amperage from the adapter, which was not the case with its predecessors. On the other hand, iPhone 6 can draw up to 1.6 amps from the adapter so you can charge it quicker.

But there is a catch.

Using the 12-watt adapter will only charge your iPhone 6 quicker up to 60%, not 100%. Regardless of the adapter you use, it takes 2 to 3 hours to get iPhone 6 charge from 60% to 100%.

Slowing the charging rate of the iPhone 6 prevents it from overheating. Nevertheless, using the 12-watt adapter saves you up to 20 minutes waiting for the iPhone 6 to charge.

What Amp Charger For iPhone 6

What Size Charger Does The iPhone 6 Use?

The default size of the iPhone 6 charger is a 5W-1amp adapter with a 1-meter cable.

Can You Use A 2.4 Amp Charger With The iPhone 6?

Yes. You can use a 2.4 amp charger for iPhone 6. Apple states that all iOS device chargers are compatible with iPhones, so you should be able to use a 2.4 amp charger without any issues.

However, note that it is an Apple charger and not a generic one that you use in the car or something similar.

Can You Charge The iPhone 6 With 20w?

Yes. You can charge the iPhone 6 with a 20W charger. However, the charging time will not be quick.

Can You Charge The iPhone 6 With A 2.1 Amp Charger?

Yes, you can charge the iPhone 6 with a 2.1 amp charger. The iPhone 6 and later models are designed to draw more amperage from the adapter.

Will charging the iPhone 6 with a 2.1 amp charger cause overheating and damage the battery life?

A straightforward answer? No.

Of course, heating the iPhone 6 while charging is normal, but it is not a cause for worry.

Using a 2.1 amp charger to charge your iPhone 6 will not cause it to overheat. The iPhone 6 has a Power Management IC or PMIC made by Qualcomm. In addition, iPhone 6 has a C-rate of .72C or 2100m/A2915mAh, which means it is pretty safe from overheating and will not reduce the battery’s life.

Tips To Charge Your iPhone 6 Faster

Waiting for your iPhone 6 to get to full charge can be very frustrating. So here are the top tips to get it to 100% a lot quicker than normal, safely.

Turn it off

Turning off your iPhone 6 while charging is a great way to speed up the charging. This turns off your radio antenna and background apps, which can drain your phone’s battery.

Airplane mode

Charging your iPhone 6 in airplane mode is also another way to speed up charging time. Turning on the airplane mode disables connections, including cellular data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Charge it at room temperature

The iPhone 6 comes with a lithium-ion battery, so the ambient temperature can affect its performance and charging rate.

Using or charging the phone at extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can reduce the battery life. Charging your iPhone 6 at room temperature is ideal for it to attain full charge and longevity.

Avoid wireless and computer charging

Wireless charging your iPhone 6 is extremely convenient but equally slow too. In addition, charging it through the computer is also very slow. In some cases, using a computer to charge your iPhone 6 may even consume its battery. Using a wall charger is usually the best option.

Don’t use it if you can

While your iPhone 6 is charging, try not to use it. This will delay the charging time even further.

Furthermore, keeping your iPhone 6 face down while charging it can also speed up the charging time since the notifications will not keep lighting the phone up.


Waiting for your iPhone 6 to reach 100% as you wait can be excruciating. There are several ways to speed up the charging process, and using a 12-watt adapter, is one of the quickest ways to achieve it.

Therefore, if you have an iPhone 6 and have wondered about using the 12-watt adapter to charge it without damaging it, you can do so without any problem. Just make sure that it comes from Apple and not a generic one.

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