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Best Practice Amp Under $200

Best Practice Amp Under $200So you got a new guitar and want to take your music skills to the next level? It’s no secret that for achieving the best possible musical sound you need to invest in a reliable amp. The guitar amp plays a vital role to amplifying the quality of music while determining the capacity of volume-outcome.

Even though some say that it’s nice to play with an overall combo, there are still many who love small and compact amps. If you are willing to shell out two hundred bucks, then you can definitely get something that will exceed your expectations.

Long story short – the Marshall MG30FX is the best practice amp under $200. It is a 3 band EQ amp that lets you mold your tone the way you want it to be, with its advanced and smart features. The simple control panel has easy layouts for tweaks and will be your best companion from the practice room to stages and possibly everywhere.

Plus, the MP3 and headphone in-line outputs are just right and will deliver you with the best quality audio. The extreme light weightiness and easy portable functionality, lets you carry this boom device on the go.

Top 5 Practice Amps Under $200

Practice AmpWattageWeight (pounds)Speaker Size

Marshall MG30FX


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Fender Champion 40


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California Tone Research Set5


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Yamaha THR5


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VOX Valvetronix VT20X


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1. Marshall MG30FX

Marshall MG30FXMarshall- the name says it all! Most of the people who are associated with the guitar industry only rely on Marshall for reliable speakers and amplifiers. This product is a 30W solid state amp with an excellent 10-inch speaker and a vinyl black covering complemented with a golden touch.

This device is loaded with four channels and efficiently separates the crunch, provisioning crystal clear and lovable sound. It also comes with 2 OD channels for a better overdrive which other amplifiers lack. The modulations effects are sectioned operated and are regulated through a swirl knob. You will also be provided with a headphone jack and an extra player input jack too.

  • Extremely clean and crunch free sound
  • Headphone jack for better experience
  • In-line and out-line ports  for easy  audio edits
  • Lacks USB port.

2. Fender Champion 40

Fender Champion 40If you are on the hunt for an amp that can push the wattage greater extents, then this might be the right choice for you. This solid-state amp is one of the highest rated and trusted one among a vast clientele. The clean mesh channel produces unmatchable crisp and pure sound that is ready to rock. But this amp has something much more to offer.

Seeking a more full range or something like that? Switch to the second channel , and you will be rewarded with a much more full range of sounds! the Fender Champion can handle almost anything from extreme metal to smooth jazz. You can even opt for an optional foot-switch if you want a hands-free experience.

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • A perfect choice for practice sessions and novice players.
  • Perfectly ideal for novice players.
  • Quite arduous to replicate natural tones for electric acoustics
  • Many users reported experiencing a crackling sound while playing

3. California Tone Research Set5

California Tone Research Set5Sometimes less notable things can do lots of beautiful things, and this amp is the perfect example of that. This amp can generate great waves and has received much appreciation for that.

Tone Research is loaded with the 12AX7 tube with its preamp and an EL84 tube with the powerhouse that is located in a tiny cabinet jacketed in tolex and a weave speaker. The controls are easy to use and are available on the top of the panel incorporating bass and treble, channel volume, ¼ input jack and a power regulating switch and much more.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Regulating switch for easy changing of the channel
  • Minimalist design provides crunch-free sound
  • Controls might be hard to learn

4. Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amplifier

Yamaha THR5 Guitar AmplifierYamaha is a prestigious name when it comes to the music industry. This company has been delivering qualitative equipment from guitar amps to any other music related equipment. This amp is a smaller version of its predecessor THR10 which is a boom product.

THR5 is a tiny amp with blended sound and classy controls that are available on the top. There are 5 amp models available that let you play consistently, i.e. crunch, clean, lead, Brit-hi, modern in a pure and authentic sound.

Also, this amp comes with a myriad of effects like phaser, tremolo, reverb, flanger, chorus that have a sophistication of Yamaha signature. THR5 works either on batteries or AC power, so plug in and enjoy your session.

  • Stylish design and robust built
  • Has the functionality to operate on batteries if there’s no power source
  • Meant for practice sessions only, you need to buy the better version for stage shows

5. VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier

VOX Valvetronix VT20X Modeling AmplifierFor those who are in love with the small practice sessions, this 20W amp is an ideal choice. VT20 X has now got an enhanced look and looks glazing now. This amp incorporates a revamped functionality along with a tube preamp for cleaner sound and higher gains. The controls on this amp may appear complex at first, but after getting your hands, you will love them too.

VOX is loaded with tons of useful functionalities that can cater to your requirements quickly. The modeling technology that has been deployed on this classy piece allows you to recreate distinct sounds while having complete control over the volume.

  • Delineated to bestow sound like a traditional guitar amplifier
  • Outstanding resonance, all thanks to the tight and sturdy seal!
  • Built-in tuner and foot switches
  • Less sustain is available
  • Not meant for soft guitars

What should you look for in a budget friendly practice amp?

Let’s have a look at what features and functionalities you should look for when bringing your home these budget amps.

Manifold Channels:

Many of these are a chock-full of multiple channels so that you can switch in between distinct tones easily. This functionality is fantastic if you are into bespoke tone customization to refine your 12 or 6 strings.

Quirky features:

On the terms of features these amps don’t lay behind. Most amplifiers in this price range are loaded with USB connectivity, which allows you to record your practice sessions for further editing and compositions easily.

Speaker Size:

There’s a general rule for speakers that implies to all and the rule states “the larger the speaker is, more will be the sound it will produce.” But these amps have a pretty decent size so you will get enough sound for an outstanding practice session.


Power is indispensable regarding guitar amplifiers. As you are going for a practice amp, so it doesn’t have to surpass a capacity of 20W.

These tiny amps are meant for practice sessions. They are extremely beneficial for practicing, rehearsals and even perfectly suitable to perform in small gigs where a full-sized one is not required.

Despite their compact size, these budget amps can more than versatile and powerful enough for novice, proficient and various other musicians.

Lastly, amps that sit in a budget of $100 aren’t loaded with much features. So, spending something around $200 will buy you a decent amp and give you some confidence behind your decision.

Wrap Up:

When going to bring home a new amp, you should consider the below mentioned three things.

•    The first factor is the cost. You need to look for the purpose you are buying an amp. It’s your practice session, or you are going to some rock concert? You need to ask yourself these questionnaires, for making the best choice.

•    Secondly, you need to pay attention to the power. If you are dwelling in a small flat then 40W will be more than enough, go with a smaller one.

•    Lastly, be sound specific. Always go with the sound that you adore. Buying an amp that is not your taste is a waste of money. So listen to the sound before making a purchase.

Don’t know what your favorite sound is? Plug in the guitar and listen to every single sound!

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