Best Amp For Electronic Drums

Best Amp For Electronic Drums

If you’re just starting out, you might find drums themselves pretty loud, and wonder why they’d need amplifying. Well – that’s’ not the truth of electronic drums. Although they have a pretty loud sound, that’s not enough for band practice or even a small show. For this reason, you’ll need the best amp for electronic drums at some point in your music career. And you’ll realize that it’s not easy to find the right one without the knowledge on how they work.

Top 5 Best Amps For Electronic Drums

1. Peavey KB 1 20W Keyboard Amp

Peavey KB 1 20W AmpThe Peavey Keyboard amp tops our list of amps for electronic drums. You might find a keyboard amp being the best for drums weird. But it’s really amazing due to the versatility, sound, and power. It’s durable and doesn’t break the bank too. You’ll love the sound it provides.

When you’re a beginner and just getting an amp for your drums, you don’t know how long you’ll use it and for what. That’s why, ironically, the best amp we found for an electronic drum is this Peavey keyboard amp. It contains just the right range of frequencies and tones to help make the drums sound more heavenly.

Moreover, it comes with extended 8-inch speakers, so it will be loud enough for a big room. Furthermore, this amp runs on 20 watts, and the strong and sturdy build makes it very durable. What’s more, it’s pretty portable but may not be of the safest weight for older people.

While it provides great tone to most, it messes up on a few effects. Also, it’s very easy to control with the EQ and the channels. You can also plug in a headphone to keep it quiet for neighbors.

Lastly, the amp offers great value for money. Even when your interest changes, it will be with you.


  • A versatile unit
  • Good tone quality
  • Supports the frequencies and sounds of the drums
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to control
  • Very great value for the money
  • Headphone output


  • All the effects and tones may not be satisfactory

2. DDrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier

DDrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion AmplifierThe best part about a drum is the bass. It just makes you want to dance, doesn’t it? Ddrum DDA50 is a pro at bringing out the real color of the bass of the drums. It contains the sub-woofer and tweeter to make it one of the best options for a drum amp.

Furthermore, it has quite a loud sound too. You might even feel satisfied practicing at half volume in your house too – it’s that good. The power it has also is in rhythm with its abilities – 50 watts of power.

It contains a number of inputs and outputs including an earphone jack. That said, you might want more features. The unit is very durable, easy to transport and affordable. You can also control it easily.


  • A powerful and great bass
  • Necessary features for a drum
  • Easy to move
  • Easy controls
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable build


  • May leave you desiring for more input and output options

3. Roland Drum Monitor (PM-100)

Roland Drum Monitor (PM-100)Want an amp for your drum that’s pretty loud, even if it’s just for practice? Then Roland Drum Monitor may be what you are looking for. It comes with 10-inch speakers that will simply rock your world.

You’ll find this amp producing amazing sound. In fact, you’ll love the bass and all their other aspects. However, there’s not much input or output on this machine. You won’t find a headphone jack in it.

While it’s pretty durable and portable – it’s not very cheap. It comes at a pretty high price. Further, in a few cases, the sound may not be so satisfying at higher volumes, however, it has clear controls.


  • Very loud
  • Good effects
  • Easy to set and control
  • Pretty portable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good power


  • Somewhat expensive
  • No headphone jack
  • It can sound bad at higher volumes

4. Simmons DA50 Electronic Drum Set Monitor

Simmons DA50 Electronic Drum Set MonitorIf you have a small place, then you need a small and strong amp. That’s exactly what the Simmons DA50 amp is. It’s a compact amp with a big, loud speaker – it can get so loud that users turn it down.

The unit is very easy to transport. However, getting just the right sound on it isn’t easy. You’ll have to adjust and experiment the dials pretty accurately. Other than that, the sub-woofer and treble don’t do the best job either.

It’s affordable and lasts a very long time.


  • Very loud
  • Durable build
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to move for its size


  • Needs time to find the right settings combination
  • The bass isn’t that great

5. KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier

KAT Percussion 50 Watt AmplifierFifty-watt amplifiers seem to be the best for home practice rooms. They’re neither too large nor too small and they also have just the right amount of power. The KAT Percussion is another 50-watt amp that makes drum practice heavenly with its sounds.

As a beginner, you will find this amp easy to set and control. Further, given its company reputation, it’s built to last. Also, the bass and sound are great.

If you want to practice in a different room one day, or even a different house, you can easily transfer this unit as it’s very small and light. The only drawback is you have to pay for its efficiency.


  • A good size for a room
  • Good power
  • Pretty loud
  • Easy to handle
  • Pretty portable
  • Great drum tones


  • Somewhat expensive for the size

Short Buyer’s Guide 

Consider the following facts when looking for the best amp for electronic drums –

1. The Type Of Amp

You can use a keyboard or some other amp with your electronic drums. However, the sound quality won’t be the best. Here are a few options you have –

Drum Amps: These amps best suit electronic drums. They deal with the loud bangs on the drums and make it sound smooth and loud but not disturbing. They have features like the subwoofer, tweeters, etc. to communicate the best to the audience.

Keyboard Amps: If you want to use an amp for both a keyboard and drum, then this is a good pick. There are some notes of a keyboards similar to drums. As a result, keyboard amps can be a pretty good choice for drums.

Guitar Amps: This is an absolute no for drum amps. The level, tone, nothing is similar between them.

Hybrid Amps: If you’re looking for flexibility or versatility more than the sound quality, the hybrid amps can be an option. However, they don’t offer the best electronic drum sounds.

2. The Power of the Amp

Do you want sound loud enough for a big room or do you just want to practice with your band? The power of the amp is what affects things. The higher the power, the louder the sound. Further, you need to consider how long you can keep it on as well through the power source.

3. The Control, Channels, EQ and more. 

You want to use your electronic drum amp in the best possible way. To do that, you need a number of efficient channels. Easy to control EQ and effects. Apart from your performance, this will boost your energy too. You can look for features like earphone connectivity to make things even better.

4. The Portability 

You might not like playing the drums in just one location. If you move around a lot, a lightweight, easy to carry drum amp would be the best.

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