fixed bridge guitar for metal

Best Fixed Bridge Guitar For Metal

To some people, pointy shapes and a good amp are everything to play metal music. To others, a floating bridge guitar can make a difference. The truth is there are specific guitars that can enhance this experience – just like for any kind of music genre. When interested in a guitar for metal, you better … Read More

Solid State Amp For Blues

Best Solid State Amp For Blues

Shocked by the price of your dream tube amps? Think you won’t ever get to experience the excellent tone of the tube amps when playing your blues? Let’s start looking on the bright side here, shall we? Even the expensive tube amps can disappoint and currently, solid-state amps simply delight you with their new improved … Read More

Solid State Amp For Metal

Best Solid State Amp For Metal

Ever wonder why everybody is always specifically looking for tube amps? Why not solid-state amp? If you’ve been around enough and asked the question, then you know the answer too – tube amps have a sound quality that solid amps can’t meet. That said, that’s a case of the past; you’re breathing in the twenty-first … Read More

Small Bass Amp

Best Small Bass Amp For Gigging

Tired of lugging that 4-speaker cabinet for your bass around? Or you‘re buying your first rig? It’s good to have a simple, sturdy, and portable amp. Whether for everyday practice, busking, or jamming, that’s a serious boost for any musician. Easy to move around, with simple knob settings at your fingertips – that’s all you … Read More

Blown Amp

How To Fix A Blown Amp

There it goes, the spotlight’s on you – playing a mad solo, smoke coming out of the fretboard, your fingers a flurry of fast winds, and the amp howls wildly, screaming out a high note, a loud POP … the amp goes quiet. You know what that is. The speaker is blown. How To Fix … Read More

Blown Speaker

Blown Speaker Repair Cost

Speakers may blow for a series of reasons. If properly installed, there should be no reasons for such an unfortunate event to happen. However, small faults in the electrical system can lead to drama. A little education can prevent the unnecessary blown speaker repair cost, not to mention learning how to gain as much as … Read More

Multimeter Test

How To Test A Car Amplifier With A Multimeter

Testing a car amplifier with a multimeter may sound like a sophisticated task. However, having the right tools can save you lots of hassle, as well as time and money. It represents a routine operation, especially if you have all the tools at hand. There are, however, a few key elements to take in consideration … Read More

Bass Amp Vs Guitar Amp

Bass Amp Vs Guitar Amp – What Are The Differences?

What is the difference between a bass amp and a guitar amp?  A commonly asked question among beginning and intermediate bass and guitar players.  Today we are going to break down the differences and hopefully clear up the mystery.  We will be talking about combo amps, not modeling amps, amp heads, or stacks. To better … Read More